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There are many different reasons that we lose our hair. Hair loss could be caused by hormonal changes, hereditary factors, health conditions, even the side effects of certain medications. Hair loss can affect just about everyone, but it’s more common among men. Thinning of the hair can be defined as an excessive loss of hair and as people get older, it’s more likely for them to experience hair thinning.

    If you feel that you are losing more hair than usual and are considering a hair transplant procedure, keep reading for some helpful signs that you are, indeed, losing your hair:

6 Signs Of Thinning Hair

A Lot Of Hair In The Shower And On Your Pillow- if you lose too many hair strands, they can’t be replaced as quickly. In some cases, your scalp may even stop producing new hair strands, which make thinning a certainty.

Receding Hairline- pattern baldness starts at the forehead and temples, which begin to show signs of receding. Check whether your hair become wispy and thin at both places. Hair could start to fall out more often due to miniaturization of the follicles. On males, the DHT hormone is believed to cause pattern baldness. Follicles miniaturization stops the supply of oxygen, minerals and nutrients to the dermal papilla. When the DHT hormone level is high, hair could enter the resting phase or become dormant. So, when hair strands fall out, they won’t be replaced.

Flaky, Itchy Scalp- flaky, itchy scalp is a sign that your hair is becoming thinner. When sebum accumulates on your scalp, it is a precursor to dandruff, which increases the risk of hair loss.

It Takes Longer For Hair To Grow- if you notice that there is a much longer interval between haircuts, then it’s possible that your hair isn’t growing as fast as it used to. It’s possible that your hair follicles are in a resting phase or that they lack minerals and nutrients. If your hair stops to grow, you can’t replace the hair strands that naturally fall out.

Wispy Hair- when there is a problem with your hair follicles, then your hair could become less radiant and much thinner. If your hair loses some of its shine, it will fall out. Check your hairline around the forehead and temples often.

Bald Relatives- it’s a mainstream convention that genetic factors contribute to hair loss. Genetic predisposition could increase your risk of male pattern baldness, but there’s no guarantee for that. If your closest relatives and family members have thin hair or baldness, it’s possible that the same condition is happening to you.

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