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The severe cases of hair loss had led men to be a victim of baldness. It goes without stating that men have more chances of losing their hair than women. You can either blame your hereditary for such or go on accusing the receding hairline.

 You may find some comfort with the fact that you are not alone in the struggle. Half the men in the world who are in their mid-50s are starting to encounter hair loss. While hereditary seems to be the principal reason, there are many other causes to explain the curse bestowed upon men.


Why hair loss occurs?

 Firstly, there are the factors of hormonal changes that seemed to play its part from the very adolescent age. Also, your prescribed medication can generate a deficiency in your hairline.

 As such, many prefer to let baldness run its natural course and leave it untreated. Others make up for it by implementing new hairstyles or going under surgery from any Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul.


The many causes of hair loss

 To explain as to why you are undergoing such an unfortunate phase of baldness, here are some of the probable reasons:


Too much stress

 Stress can be the biggest reason for explaining all those temporary hair losses.  The physical trauma of surgery and severe illness can be a prime reason for such. Consider your hair life as a well-programmed life cycle. It has its transitional phase from growth to rest and then at last shedding.

 In case you encounter an event full of stress and anxiety, it tends to intervene in the hair life routine. It either tends to disrupt the hair cycle or accelerate it toward its shedding phase. The only good aspect to take here is that once the body recovers, your hair starts to restore to its original state.


Excessive vitamin A

 A valid reason for hair loss is excessive amounts of vitamin-A. Consuming an excessive amount of vitamin A supplements can promote hair loss in both adults and kids. It certainly brings a halt to hair growth and tends to accelerate hair fall stage.

 Once you stop taking vitamin A at an excessive amount, it will halt the overall degradation and restore to its original phase.


A protein deficit diet

 Protein seems to be a vital aspect of hair growth. Consuming enough protein is thus necessary if you intend to have fully grown hair. As such, not having enough protein in your diet can explain the deficiency causing baldness.

 Hair fall can even occur for two to three months with a sudden drop in protein consumption. It is during those times you should start taking high protein foods like:

  • Fish
  • Meat and
  • Eggs

By consuming enough protein for a week or two, you will be having more hair growth than ever!



 By the time a man reaches his 60s, this is usually the time when they undergo the much-dreaded hair fall phase. One can also refer to it as male pattern baldness, which is quite common in this age group. A combination of genes and male sex hormones tends to follow a classic pattern where the hairline starts to recede.


As such it leaves an M shaped hairline signifying the sign of hair loss. The possible remedies for such ailments are either taking medications or going for transplant surgery in any Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul.



 In case genetics is not the one to blame, you can try to prevent the receding hairline by taking some initiative. You should avoid applying those tight hairstyles as they take up almost all the hair from your scalps. Caring for your hair with the proper usage of condiments can prevent your hair fall problem. For more information feel free to book an appointment. Visit or call us on 020 3627 7833 info@bluemagiclinic.com

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