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Every man needs to abide by a daily hair care routine. For a guy to refine their overall attractiveness, it is necessary to let that hair be in proper care. While many have seemed to embrace the trendy hairstyles, they may have forgotten to do their homework in hair care.

As such, you can only hope to achieve that divine beauty once you have come up with your hair care plan.

Tips you need to follow

You may follow strict personal hygiene, but you have to take some time out for your hair maintenance. The only way you can hope to improve your hair quality is by maintaining a hair care plan daily. As such, here are some tips that cover all aspects of hair care.

Drying your hair properly

At first, you need to dry out your hair properly after washing them. When it comes to such, everyone seems to be using a dry towel after all that shampooing and moisturizing. At times when your hair is wet, it is more susceptible to damage.

Rubbing that moistened hair on a dry towel can cause your hair to stretch past the breaking point. In turn, it leads to more damage to the outer layers while causing split ends and frizziness.

Instead of vigorously scrubbing them with a dry towel, you can pat your hair dry after shaking out the excess water. While using a hairdryer, set the lowest possible heat settings as it tends to over-dry your hair.


Regularity can be harmful


Several guys tend to put shampoo on their hair daily. They feel the need to wash their hair every time they take a bath. If you are among such individuals, it’s best to get rid of that habit. You are doing no good to your hair except making them excessively dry.


Very soon you might lose up your precious hairs, and seek for a Hair transplant clinic in Turkey. Without going at it regularly, you should set some gap to it. Adjust a properly laid timetable based on your hair type and condition.


No comb-over

While your hair is thinning on the top, you may have a fair amount building up on the sides. At times like this, you should not make the awful decision to conceal all the bare stops with a comb-over. The style strategy is not much known to elevate your looks. Instead, you should get a haircut and spare yourself from all the creepiness.

In case you want to charm women with your looks, a comb-over won’t be contributing much to your effort. They will mostly be avoiding you. So for the sake of dignity, go and get yourself a haircut and make that thinning look suits you. 

Separate products for separate usage

The hair care tips won’t be fulfilling if one forgets to delve out on the proper usage of products. You might have come across several brands of shampoos and conditioners claiming to provide two or three abilities in one. It’s times like these when you should put your common sense before you.

You might have heard the phrase that the more it sounds too good to be true, the less it is viable. Those multi-purposed products might seem useful in terms of investment but won’t do you much good.

It’s always the best option to have separate products for their intended usage. Instead of picking up a three in one shampoo, you should go for separate ones for your moisturizing and hair washing.  


It’s best not to subject your hair to harsh chemicals often found in gels and other products. By using such unreliable cosmetics, you will end up damaging your hair and make them look all crunchy and thick. Instead, go for natural styling products and get the desired hairstyle. And when the hair care doesn’t come to your rescue, visit a Hair transplant clinic in Istanbul. For more info, you can book an appointment visit/call us on 020 3627 7833 info@bluemagiclinic.com

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