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For a candidate eligible to undergo a hair restoration surgery can bring about an overall improvement in appearance and well-being. However, not everyone candidate can be qualified to apply for such procedures. Hence the reason approved candidates should have realistic expectations before experiencing any hair transplant procedure. 

The surgical outcome

You should know that all individuals bear a finite amount of donor’s hair, which can be transported, to the thinning section of the scalp. Only if that portion of hair used efficiently, the outcome might turn out as per your expectations. 

Considering realistic turnover

Above all, you should remember that surgery should be your last resort once you have exhausted all the other options. You are certainly mistaken if you are under the impression that surgery will help you keep up with your hair loss. It might indicate a practical way to address your hair loss, but it never a plausible solution to your hair deficiency.

The criteria to posses

 While trying to figure out whether you fall among the approved list, here are some attributes that might let you listed among the eligible category. 

  • Men losing their hair due to signs of male pattern baldness might be the best candidates for a hair transplant. If you are to one to undergo such bald patterns for more than five years, you are more than worthy. Also, if the baldness had advanced to class 3 or above, you can consider going to a Hair Transplant clinic in Turkey
  • Men having realistic expectations while understanding the shortcomings of hair transplant surgery are the best of all candidates. They resort to prescribed medication to halt the uneven post-surgery progression. The medicinal consumption might seem necessary to continue even after you have retained as much hair as possible. 
  • Men bearing a balding phase for many years are likely to fall among the eligible list of candidates. After developing baldness over several years, they are guaranteed to come under a stabilization phase. As such, they will be looking to add more hair to generate a youthful glow to their appearance. 
  • It might seem a bit awkward as both men and women, who have lost hair due to traumas and burns are much fit to undergo hair surgery. They are likely to develop fewer side-effects post-surgery and might be able to garner a more youthful touch. 
  • The eligible list also comprises those men and women who have come to lose their hair due to cosmetic procedures. Surgical procedures like facelifts are known to cause hair fall. It might be called out as one of their side-effects which can be brought to control with a hair restoration surgery. 


Basically for a hair restoration energy to provide a successful outcome will be much dependent on attributes of hair shape and thickness as well as the flexibility of scalp. Before you venture into any Hair Transplant clinic in Istanbul, make sure whether you will be perfect for it. In case if you want to know about it more, then get in touch with Blue Magic clinic at https://bluemagiclinic.com/ 

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