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Hair loss is a common issue these days both in men and women. Men are more prone to becoming bald due to a plethora of reasons.

Some of them are:

  • Unhealthy eating habits
  • Wearing baseball caps/hats/helmets
  • Pollution
  • Lack of protein in their diet and many more

Steps need to be taken just in time in order to keep yourself from going bald but what are the signs that signal you are going bald!?

Let’s take a look into five of them in the sections below:

There is an increase in the number of hair strands on your pillow!

Do you wake up every morning and find that your bed, sheets and the pillow are covered with hair strands!? Well, you need to seek some help right away before you go bald, permanently!

Your scalp is itchy all the time

Certain dermatological conditions like psoriasis or dermatitis can make your scalp feel itchy all the time. Furthermore, if you fail to take care of the situation on time, you will go bald and that’s guaranteed!

You are witnessing a significant increase in the receding rate of your hairline

A receding hairline is a sign of balding. In case you are witnessing that the hair around your temples is thinning out thus revealing an M-shaped pattern on your forehead, then you are on your way to coming down with male pattern baldness!

You can easily see your scalp every time you look in the mirror

Back in the day you often claimed that your hair volume is thick and you can hardly see your scalp underneath that black canopy! Now, every time you take a look in the mirror, you can easily see your scalp playing peek-a-boo with you! This is yet another sign that your hair is thinning out and you are on the fast track of going bald!

You scalp feel like its on fire every time you head out!

This is a strong sign that your hair volume has gone down thus leaving your scalp prone to UV damage a.k.a sunburn. This is the reason you feel like your head’s on fire every time you head out during the day!

Things you can do to put an end to premature balding

  • Put an end to alcohol consumption
  • Start taking vitamin A, B and E supplements
  • Change your diet and make sure you are consuming protein-rich food items like chicken, soy, fish and sprouts.
  • You can massage your scalp on a regular basis with sesame seed oil in order to restore the nutrient content of your scalp
  • You can apply green tea on your scalp and leave it on for an hour or so. Don’t forget to rinse it off later. Do this for a week or so in order to see visible results.
  • If all else fails, be sure to get in touch with a doctor and follow his/her advice with due diligence.


It is best to take appropriate steps once you start witnessing an increase in the rate of hair fall. Remember, as soon as you lose most of your hair, the hair follicles, or the little pockets on your scalp that are responsible for the growth of each hair strand and also to provide support to the same, dry out. In simple words, you will be bald, permanently!

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