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The modern man goes the extra mile when it comes to staying fit and looking his best. Working out, eating healthy and taking care of your skin is all well and good but do you also take care of your hair as well!?

Taking care of your hair is easy. Just implement the following tips!

#1 Always use a gentle organic shampoo

Always choose a shampoo that is free from sulfates, parabens, artificial perfumes, surfactants and chemical preservatives. It is best that you go for natural shampoos that contain organically grown natural ingredients. These will cost you a bit more but in the end, your hair and scalp will thank you!

#2 Apply shampoo on your hair once a week

Men’s hair should be cleaned using a natural organic shampoo once every week.

If you wash your hair and scalp using shampoo every day, be sure to keep in mind that you are doing more harm than good! Applying shampoo regularly strips your scalp and your hair from their natural moisture content which is present in the form of sebum – an oily substance secreted from the sebaceous glands.

Regular usage of shampoo will lead to dry hair, dry scalp and a lot of dandruff!

#3 Be sure that you are using a gentle conditioner

You would need to use a natural conditioner along with your natural shampoo in order to keep your hair moisturized.

This will prevent them from breaking when you comb or dry your hair. Furthermore, using a conditioner after you apply shampoo on your hair and scalp is also beneficial for your scalp as well. It will keep the same moisturized thus keeping dandruff at bay!

#4 Take a trip to your barber often

You should pay a visit to your barber every three weeks. The frequency of your barbershop visits will depend on the length of your hair and the style you prefer.

Furthermore, it is best to remember that frequent trimming of your hair is good for hair health. Trimming ensures that your scalp’s natural hair growth rate remains normal.

#5 It is best to style your hair in a manner that compliments your face

Your hairstyle should complement the shape of your face. Furthermore, avoid going for hairstyles that require chemically treating your hair in order to achieve a particular look.

#6 Always take care while combing/drying your hair

Your hair and scalp should be treated with gentle hands especially when they are wet. Avoid aggressively rubbing and pulling on your hair from over a towel after taking a shower.

Similarly, when you are combing your hair, avoid yanking on it in case your comb or brush got stuck in your locks! This will keep your hair from premature breakage and your hair roots from becoming weak.

#7 If you use styling products be sure to go chemical-free!

Using hair styling products is a must for the modern man. But be sure to keep in mind that most of the waxes and gels found in your nearest convenience store contain a lot of harmful chemicals.

It is best to use natural styling products like natural wax pomade to keep your hair from harm’s way!


If you follow these tips, you can kick back and relax if you worry about a receding or thinning hairline that men often suffer from! A bit of care and careful selection of styling/cleaning products is enough to keep hair problems at bay!

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