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Losing a little amount of hair is okay but if this goes on unchecked, you can witness a receding hairline, bald patches and related issues. With that being stated, here are a few easy-to-implement ways you can curb premature hair loss:

It is best that you start using a mild organic shampoo

Keeping your scalp clean by washing it off with a mild organic shampoo is one of the easiest ways you can curb premature balding and excessive hair loss.

You can always start taking supplements for hair loss

You can take vitamin A, vitamin B and vitamin E supplements in order to keep your hair loss rate under control.

Change your diet plan and include food items that are packed with protein

You should start eating a lot of seafood, sprouts, soy milk and chicken. These are rich in protein which is an essential nutrient to keep hair loss in control.

You can also massage your scalp on a regular basis with essential oils

You can also massage your scalp on a regular basis with essential oils like sesame oil. Massaging your scalp improves the blood circulation which in turn keeps the roots of your hair strong and healthy. The result is a significant drop in hair fall.

Refrain from brushing your hair right after a bath

It is best that you avoid brushing your hair when your scalp is wet. A wet scalp means the roots of your hair are wet as well. In such a situation, if you brush your hair, you will do more harm than good the results of which you will witness in the form of hair loss!

You can apply garlic, onion or ginger juice on your scalp

You can apply onion, ginger or garlic juice directly on your scalp in order to witness an increase in your hair growth rate and a drop in hair loss. Leave any of the three juices on your scalp for about an hour and wash it off thoroughly afterwards.

Be sure to keep the natural moisture content of your scalp intact

You would need to drink at least three liters of water to ensure that the moisture content of your skin and your scalp is intact. A moisturized scalp is a healthy scalp and healthy scalp means no hair loss.

You can also apply green tea on your hair

Be sure to leave the green tea on your hair for an hour and wash it off properly afterwards. It is best that you repeat this on a regular basis for at least ten days to see visible results.

Avoid pulling on your hair while brushing or while towel drying

It is best that you are not pulling on your hair in case the hairbrush got stuck in your locks! Furthermore, be gentle when you are rubbing your hair/scalp dry after a bath!

Steer clear from alcohol

It is okay to take a shot of whiskey every now and then but you should stop consuming alcohol altogether in case you are losing more hair than your scalp can actually grow!


People of all ages and sex lose at least one hundred strands of hair from their scalp on a daily basis. But if the situation takes a turn for the worse you can always get in touch with your doctor and seek his/her advice.

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