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DHI Hair Transplant Techniques That Do Not Require A Clean Shave

DHI Hair Transplant is an innovative hair transplant process where hair follicles are extracted from the donor area using a choi implanter.

A choi implanter is a pen-like device that is tipped with a hollow needle on one end, a hollow tube in the middle and a plunger on top. It needs to be loaded with the extracted hair follicles from the donor site in order to implant the same directly to the recipient site of the patient.

Benefits of DHI hair transplant method

  • It reduces the time an extracted hair follicle remains outside of the patient’s body thus reducing the chances of a failed graft.
  • The chances of hair follicles surviving the graft are much higher when compared to FUT and FUE hair transplant methods.
  • The recipient area will hardly bleed especially when the surgeon is preparing the same for the grafting procedure.
  • The graft extraction process causes fewer traumas to both the recipient and the donor area on the patient’s body. This leads to a drastic shortening of the recovery period.

One of the most frequently asked questions a typical hair transplant clinic like Blue Magic Clinic needs to answer is whether one can opt for hair transplant treatment without shaving their head.

Well,the answer is yes!

There are two techniques that do not require complete shaving of the patient’s head.

They are as follows:

  • Partially Shaved DHI Hair Transplant –It is a hair transplant technique where the surgeon would partially shave the head of the patient in order to extract the hair follicles. That stated, the shaving is done in a manner that can be easily concealed by the hair surrounding the shaved area.


  • A ‘completely unshaved’ hair transplant –It is a hair transplant procedure where the donor area is not shaved in order to extract the hair follicles. This keeps the hairline of the patient intact thus reducing the recovery time by many folds.

Advantages of a Partially Shaved DHI Hair Transplant

  • A patient can maintain the length and style of their hair that they had before the procedure post conclusion of the same.
  • People will hardly be able to notice that the patient has gone under the knife of a hair transplant surgeon.
  • The recovery period is very short.

Advantages of Complete Unshaved DHI Hair Transplant

  • There’s absolutely no need to shave the patient’s head.
  • Patient with both long and short hair can go for this process. In simple terms, this particular hair transplant process is ideal for both men and women.
  • Post-operative scab/crust formation is minimal which is similar to an advantage one can get when they opt for Partially Shaved DHI Hair Transplant.


For the best results, get in touch with the officials at Blue Magic Clinic. It is one of the best places to get hair transplant treatment. The clinic not only delivers impressive results in DHI technique but also excels in sapphire micro FUE as well as PRP therapy.

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