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Blue Magic Clinic’s surgeon/doctors answer 5 popular questions about female hair transplant

50 per cent of women worldwide suffer from hair loss or at least from a thinning hairline by the time they reach the ripe age of 50 years! Yes, you read that right! Although this is a common occurrence, the topic is still treated as taboo hence a lot of misconceptions are afloat on the internet related to female hair transplants. 

Fret not, the resident doctors specializing in FUE Sapphire hair restoration technique offered at the renowned Blue Magic Clinic of Istanbul, Turkey have come forward and answered a few ‘burning’ questions related to female hair transplants.

Let’s begin, shall we!?

Will it look natural?

According to the best hair surgeon in Turkey associated with the reputed Blue Magic Clinic, the best method of hair restoration is FUE and if one chooses this over FUT then they are in the clear from the beginning!

FUT hair transplant process, in simple words, is transplanting one or four hairs at a time. This is a demanding process that drains the surgeon. The result – strategically placed hair strands that look more natural than ever!

How long does a female patient need to recover after the procedure?

According to the compiled opinion of the best hair transplant doctors in Turkey, the recovery period for a patient depends on the number of grafts the same has received, her age and the fact that she had followed the post-procedure care instructions prescribed by a hair transplant surgeon.

In the end, one could venture out of their home after two weeks and would notice that their scalp has healed only after about a month or more – given the instructions of the surgeon is followed with due diligence.

How long will the procedure take to complete?

A typical hair transplant session could take anywhere from 2 hours to most of a typical working day. It all boils down to the number of grafts the patient needs to achieve the desired look and results.

Will the procedure be a painful ordeal!?

Well, even though a hair restoration treatment is minimally invasive, it is, in the end, a surgical procedure. Hence, the usage of precision medical cutting tools is obvious. But, that doesn’t mean one would need to bear the pain at all! A local anaesthetic agent will be administered to numb the target area. One can also opt to remain asleep during the procedure if they please.

What are the attributes of a female patient who wants to go for a hair transplant?

Patients with certain health conditions such as scalp tissue disease that led to bald patches or thinning hairline in the first place are not suitable for any form of hair restoration technique.

Furthermore, if a patient has a scarred scalp that is devoid of thin scalp tissue then she won’t be able to receive this treatment. On top of that, if chemotherapy or certain prescription drugs were the causes of a thinning hairline in the first place then that patient is not an ideal candidate.


For the best results, be sure to get in touch with the resident surgeons associated with renowned hair restoration service providers like Blue Magic Clinic which also happens to be one of the leading clinics in Turkey!


If you choose sapphire FUE hair transplantation then you would need to be in the clinic for about eight to ten hours. It is average time even the leading clinics need for the procedure to conclude. The figures may vary depending on the number of follicular unit grafts you would need in the target area.

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