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Beautiful locks & long healthy hair strands are desired by every individual and few of them are born with this blessing, although with the time, ageing, genetic factor & many other issues may lead them to early balding, hair receding, bald patches and other issues are more likely to give them trouble. 

There are several individuals in this world who are suffering from hair balding and thinning before they should face this problem. 

There is around a huge population of more than 35 million men and 21 million women who are suffering from hair loss which may even lead them to hair balding. 

It has also been research that by the time these individuals be it male or female may have a chance of 25% of displaying some hair balding patches, by the age of 50, 50% of men will suffer from noticeable hair loss & by the time they turn 60, about two-thirds of them are either bald or having a balding pattern. 

Hair issues are common with the people who have it in their genes or even the ones who have reached a particular age, but this leads to insecure personality & confidence issues to the people who are suffering from hair loss during the youth period of their life. 

Even for the ones who have reached their age, it is not necessary for them to deal with this issue & do nothing about it. The technology & trends have dominated each and every industry and one of them is dermatology & hair transplant. 

Usually people tend to go to a good dermatologist & consider residing and adjusting with the methods of oral medication & several cream & serum applications on their head for restoring their beloved locks.

These individuals who are thriving for good hair growth leave no stone unturned, they go for every possible treatment which is in their budget to get their priceless hair back. 

Although some of them work, and it is disappointing to know that few of them don’t. Their last ray of hope resides in opting for surgery & hair transplant therapy, which may give them a huge hole in their pocket because of the cost for hair transplant surgery 

Have you ever wondered what factors may affect the cost of hair transplant? In this article we will try to make you understand the same. 

  • Technique & Technology 

Achieving the best results by a hair transplant surgery depends on the technique & technology which is used, there are many people who are unaware of the latest and advanced machinery and technologies which is extensively used by the best hair clinics in Istanbul – Turkey. 

FUE – Follicular Unit Extraction is one of the most beneficial and result providing techniques during the current era, this therapy has various benefits such as no visibility of scars, no loss of sensitivity, constant growth of hair, natural looking hair, etc. As a result, the cost of a FUE hair transplant is more likely to be expensive. 

During this technique, hair follicles are removed from the donor area and placed carefully on the recipient area with the help of expert surgeons. They create mini holes on the head of the receiver with the help of a needle and then transplant these hair follicles on their head which leads them towards natural growth of hair as there is no artificial method involved. It is a natural, effective yet an expensive method for hair transplant. 

  • Baldness Level 

One of the most important reasons for the cost of hair transplant is the level of baldness any individual is suffering from. If the person has a minor amount of baldness then it may cost you a little cheaper than it is. But if the baldness is extensive and high, there may be extra sittings and increased hair follicles which may result in expensive hair treatment. 

  • Sittings

There are few hair clinics who charge hair transplant average cost as per Sittings, one of them is Blue Magic Hair in Istanbul – Turkey. So generally a hair transplant procedure is completed in 1 sitting only if there is normal hair loss, but the amount of sitting may change and increase if the amount of hair loss is excessive. The number of grafts which are to be required by the recipient & sittings are one of the most important things that plays a huge role in the cost of hair transplant. 

  • Expertise & Reputation of the potential Clinic 

Hair transplant is a very high-end treatment, the people involved in this business needs to be extremely experienced, knowledgeable & has to have a good amount of expertise to pull off such an extensive treatment. Hence it is estimated that a great clinic with amazing experience may charge you a good amount of money as they will be aware of every possible technology & advancements in machines & even practical knowledge of hair restoration procedure. This reason is also known to be affecting the cost of hair plantation on a needful individual’s head. 

  • Blue Magic Hair Clinic to the Rescue! 

As our clinic understands the desire of every individual & how they are in need of regaining their confidence with an amazing growth of hair, we provide you with a cheap hair transplant which will be worth every penny & help you achieve an ever desired look on your head. 

Blue Magic Group is a reputed, experienced hair transplant specialist clinic which is known to provide quality and cost effective hair transplants with long lasting results to clients from Europe and all over the world to our facilities in Istanbul – Turkey. 

With a team of expert doctor’s panel, 15 years of experience & 20,000 + successful surgeries, our desire is driven to provide our clients the best possible hair restoration experience that will suit their pocket & personality both!

We give you FREE video consultation to understand our way to restore your hair and for us to understand your desired results, also BlueMagic Clinic is the largest hair transplant clinic in Istanbul, Turkey offering advanced Hair Transplant Treatments along with luxurious amenities, with 6 to 60 Month Easy Installment Option where one can afford to look naturally fantastic from as little as the price of a coffee a day.

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