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Hair growth is one such blessing for any individual be it a woman or men, that lets them boost their self confidence & image as a person in the society. 

But due to few issues such as genetic disorders, stress or hormonal changes in a human body may lead any individual to early balding, hair decreasing or thinning of hair. 

This unfortunate instance is so common in Men & Women both that they start feeling low of themselves if they encounter such issues in regards to the locks on their head. 

Although it is not that big of an issue, with the technology that has taken a leap towards the dermatology & hair transplant industry, it is very easy for any individual to bring themselves into normalcy in regards with their hand strands. 

History of Modern Era in Hair Transplantation – 

During the 1950s, when a New York dermatologist Dr. Norman Orentriech began to experiment with free donor grafts to balding areas in patients with male balding issues.

When this trend took a hype there was a rumour & most of the people didn’t believe that the transplanted hair had the capacity to replace original hair growth on the recipient site of an individual. Although, Mr. Norman demonstrated that grafts which were received were donor dominant and the new hair growth would last as they would have grown in the original way. 

This trend brought a fresh breath of air for those individuals who were worried & facing problems related to their beloved locks. This invention and treatment successfully managed to restore their faith in technology & motivated them to go for this surgery which will give them ever lasting results. 

Market of Hair Transplant & Restoration – 

Hair transplant & Hair restoration market is one of the ever growing industries in the world. This effective market was valued at $8,452.5 million in 2018, and is expected to reach $12,119.4 million by 2026, registering a CAGR of 4.6% from 2019 to 2026. This market has always been on the front side for every individual who is facing issues with their hair locks and this procedure treats their baldness. 

Balding & hair receding is one of the most common issues in humans, it is unlikely for this trouble to completely end. Hence there is always a chance for the Hair Market transplant market to keep growing because they provide an ever lasting solution to these people & help them regain that confidence which they had lost because of this trouble. 

Hair Transplant Procedure in Istanbul is known to be one of the most effective & popular things to be done as they have been providing the best results to their clients. 

Current Era of Hair Transplant – 

Over the past 20 years, the Hair Restoration Industry have seen innumerable developments. With a better understanding & studies of natural balding and non-balding patterns with more and more knowledge of providing people with proper hairline design while surgery, technology has been made to give excellent results. 

Factors that contribute to a successful hair transplant

The use of technologies like FUE hair transplant and DHI hair transplant has created a significant impact by providing natural appearance & breath taking results with consistent growth of follicular grafts on the recipient’s head & body. 

There are few factors which are involved to give a recipient a successful hair transplant, that is the reason why Hair Transplant Results in Istanbul are so famous as they have decoded the exact reasons which concludes what and what not to be done for a successful hair transplant surgery. 

Choice of Technique – 

One of the most important decisions to make before the hair transplant surgery is to choose the right kind of operating technique which will suit you and give you the best result, that will give you good quality hair, decreasing the after effects and complications during the type of surgery. There are many clinics in Istanbul – Turkey which are making use of the best technologies & machineries which are leading them to deliver successful surgeries every passing day! 

One of the best hair clinics in Istanbul is Blue Magic Hair Clinic which has some of the most high-end technologies which are popular among the potential hair transplant patients & surgeons and can be considered as their best suitable technique for a successful hair transplant. 

Important steps to be taken 

While doing a Hair Transplant Surgery, knowing what’s best for the recipient patient that has the highest amount of survival is extremely important. Identifying patients’ health, their needs as per their characteristics and then boiling down to the best technique suited as per their profile holds the utmost importance. It has been reported that the survival rates of 90 to 100% of hair grafts is subjected to a good research, right choice of donor/recipient area & the choice of clinic with expert doctors who will not leave any stone unturned to give you the best results. 

This kind of service & a donors expectations can be only reached if the surgery of hair restoration is done by the experts, and the best hair clinic in istanbul which has the team of expert doctors, nurses and the best techniques, etc. And that clinic is known by the name of Blue Magic Hair Clinic in Istanbul – Turkey.

Expertise & Milestones achieved by BlueMagic Hair Clinic in Hair Transplant Surgeries

BlueMagic Hair Clinic in Istanbul – Turkey is the most preferred choice of the people in all over the world. Where we are known to provide the most advanced technology and the best service to their clients & that’s what we are known for!

Operating in Istanbul – Turkey, their head office is located in London – UK, our reputation precedes us as we have the most advanced techniques and methods for providing our clients with a successful hair transplant, the advanced technologies & techniques used by us beats the international standards and approach. Our clients trust us to treat their hair fall symptoms and provide them with new & beautiful long hair strands which will help them boost their confidence at every stage of life. 

Blue Magic Hair Clinic with over 15 years of experience, expert doctor’s panel & more than 20,000 successful hair transplant surgeries is known to be the Top Hair Clinic in Istanbul – Turkey.

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