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The cost of hair replacement is available in a wide range from $4,000 to $15,000. There are several insurance companies as well that consider a hair transplant and cosmetic procedure but a typical transaction caused by Hair Transplant average cost channels many factors. This inculcates of many factors such as: 

Place where you live at: 

Cost of hair transplant surgery can depend on our living area and nearby surgeons who are offering the quality and type of surgeries for an effective hair transplant. 

Choosing the preferred surgery: 

Majority of price depends on the kind of procedure and surgery you are choosing out of FUT or FUE, both of them have an individual cost of hair transplantation. 

Clinic & Expertise of the Hair Transplant surgeon:

BlueMagic Hair clinic is a place one of a kind which is considered to be the best in Istanbul, Turkey. Their rates are not high and they even provide financial support from their end. From hotel expenses, travel tickets and surgery, they take care of each and every expenditure that is going to take place during the procedure of your hair transplant. 
Their cost of hair plantation is also affordable, in Turkey, Istanbul, they are known to provide cheap hair transplant to each and every individual which attracts all the hair transplant aspirants to travel from different countries.

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