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DHI hair transplant is considered to be one of the best hair treatment technologies in the world of transplant. It is a modified version of FUE transplant and undergoes a similar pattern of surgery. 

The procedure will follow the removal of hair follicles from the part of your scalp, mostly it is going to be the back of your head and it will be implanted into the balding areas. These hair follicles will eventually lead to the growth of new hair locks. 

In this article, we are to find out the Basics of DHI Hair Transplantation, which will help you figure out the possibilities which you are going to go through during the treatment in DHI hair Transplant Turkey

  • Your surgeon will shave your head and apply local anesthesia to make it numb 
  • The surgeon will then remove the hair follicles from the back of your head by using a tool tip.
  • The hair follicles will be loaded into a pen shaped tool and then will be implanted into the balding part of your scalp. 
  • Later on, an antibiotic cream will be applied with a bandage to every portion of your head. 

FUE and DHI surgeries usually take around 8 to 6 hours to complete, yet the time can depend on the number of hair follicles being implanted. It will even be a long procedure of results, it may take 12 to 18 months to get the full results of surgery. 

<h2>What makes you eligible for a DHI hair transplantation? </h2>

  • Age factor and people who are getting bald patches at the age of only 25 or above
  • People with thick hair should consider going for a DHI hair transplant 
  • Patients with a hair density less than 40 follicles 
  • People with light hair should choose to go for DHI hair transplant for best results. 

Normally, DHI hair transplant costs are higher in other regions, but with Blue Magic Hair Transplant you are going to get unbelievable prices with several other facilities. 

At the Blue Magic Hair clinic, we are considerate of your pocket and give you the best package and prices for your treatment, which will consist of every expense till the time you’re in Istanbul, Turkey. 

Blue Magic Group, a team of experts also provides you the option of easy monthly installments, just so you don’t have to crash on your financial savings to get those desired long follicles.

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