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Jun 24, 2020

Best Hair Clinic in Istanbul

The word “Hair Transplant Treatment’” comes in every person’s mind whoever is suffering from hair loss or any issue related to their head strands. 

Before getting into the conversation of where you can find the best hair clinic Istanbul, let us try to understand these basic factors first:

  1. Who needs hair transplant?
  2. What are the benefits of hair transplant?
  3. What is the procedure & types of hair transplant? 
  4. Where can you find the Best hair clinic istanbul?
  • Who needs hair transplant? 

During a point of life, an individual would notice that the particular person is having to deal with hair loss, not only the ones who are catching a specific age are tend to suffer from hair fall, male & females around their 20’s and 30’s are also suffering from this pain of losing their priceless strands from their head. This particular thing affects their life in a drastic manner, as there is a societal patriarchy for Men & Women both of being practically and impractically bald. Some people experience losing their hair during the later ages and some of them face this problem way early in their life. It is upto them to figure out a way and feel better about the situation. 

One of the major reasons for hair fall is that they are suffering from lack of vitamin or even an illness. This can happen with children below their 20’s as well if they have some genetic disorders!

 This issue is quite common and there is nothing to be ashamed about. 

There are several treatments for hair fall and one of the most effective way out is “Hair Transplant” 

  • What are the benefits of Hair Transplant?
  • The biggest reason for people finding themselves into a hair transplant surgery is because the slow growth of impractical baldness can make you feel demotivated by your appearance. This medical procedure is kind of a blessing for those who can avail the chance of getting their hair transplant. It can make them feel more confident, attractive about their persona. 
  • You may find some topical treatments and some minimally effective methods that can help you with thinning and hair loss issues from your local and nearby doctors. It can help your hair growth to stabilize a little on a minute level. But it may not give you a permanent remedy. 

A hair transplant procedure offers you a permanent solution which will cover your balding patches and severe hair loss. It is also considered to be more reliable than these small treatments and known to be a permanent solution. 

  • No need to worry about balding at all! Both men & women with hair loss can say goodbye to baldness with hair transplant. It’s because once your permanent hair transplant is done, you will never face the issue of hair fall from the earlier affected area. You have to worry about your hairlines or bald patches anymore. It has been proved by stats that hair transplant procedures have a high success rate for permanent hair growth. 
  • One of the best parts of getting a hair transplant done is because it requires very low maintenance after your surgery. Earlier where you had to have medicines and apply dozens of different creams and ointments on your scalp, that won’t be needed anymore! 

There are no special chemicals or shampoos that you will need to increase your hair density, it is important to note that the procedure which you will go through would be a one-time process. 

  • If you must have heard about the term  “Hair Restoration Procedure” you may also know that this procedure is supposed to be a bit expensive, whereas if you choose hair transplant and surgery, it would be affordable for you. 

Also with Blue Magic Clinic, you can find finances solutions where we can together manage your hair transplant expenses so that you get your beautiful long strands back shining right again back on your scalp. 

  • What is the procedure & types of hair transplant? 

Hair transplant is a medical procedure that consists of picking our hair follicles from a donor area of the individual’s own body and implanting on the patient’s scalp where the hair growth is slow, thin or even 0 growth. 

The donor area can be the back of your head, your chest area, armpits or any other part of your body where the hair growth is fuller compared to your head. 

Before starting a transplant, your surgeon would sterilize the area from where the hair would be removed. The doctor would numb that particular area with a local anesthetic so that you don’t feel any pain. You can also request to be sedated in order to fall asleep during the procedure. 

At the Blue Magic Clinic, there are different types of treatments when it comes to hair transplant, such as 

  • Micro Fue Therapy 
  • DHI CHOI Pen Therapy 
  • PRP Therapy

After a complete checkup and consultation with our expert surgeons, they would recommend you with the best suitable therapy as per your Follicle issue. The suggested therapy would be performed after careful consideration and under the guidance of the experts. 

As Blue Magic clinic is considered as the Best hair clinic in Istanbul, get to know more about the hair transplant and its procedures, you can also book your FREE CONSULTATION from our website for you to know more about the same. 

  • Where can you find the Best hair clinic Istanbul?

Undoubtedly in the current era, Blue Magic Hair Clinic is considered to be the best in Istanbul. 

The Blue Magic Group is a reputed, experienced hair transplant specialist clinic aimed to provide excellent quality of hair transplants with long-lasting results to our clients.

We have a loyal panel of clients from all over the world and Europe especially, coming all the way to Istanbul – Turkey to get our treatments. We are a team of highly trained and professional medical experts driven with a goal and desire of providing our clients a satisfactory result. We use the most latest and advanced surgical equipment and techniques with exceptional attention to the best and give a life long experience of beautiful long hair. 

In these past 15 years of experience, we have excelled in this field by completing more than 20,000 successful hair transplant giving our best to each client, our name is considered to be #1 in Istanbul when it comes to Hair Transplant.

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